Roof Replacement: Things To Take Into Consideration

Roof replacement is the most common type of roof repair performed by roofing contractors. A new roof can help reduce energy bills, give your property a new look, and provide a secure home. But even with the best-planned installation, there can be problems down the road that can cause major damage to your home and your belongings.

In some cases, roofing materials can become damaged due to weathering or rot. Other problems can develop from shingles that have not been replaced for several years, caused by wear and tear, improper installation, or even age.

Roof Replacement: Things to Take into Consideration

Common Roof Replacement Problem

When it comes to roof replacement, the most common problem is a single layer of damaged shingles. In this case, you should already have a new roof deck installed, which is the roof part that houses the actual shingles.

If the old deck has not been replaced or if the reroofing project is still ongoing, this problem can cause serious damage to your home. The first thing you need to do is assess whether you need a new roof or a roofing job. Sometimes, replacing just the shingles can fix the problem.

In some cases, a minor repair such as replacing an old shingle with a newer one can solve the problem. If the problem lies in the flashing around the roof’s edges, replacing the flashing will probably be enough. In some cases, including the flashing around the edges is too costly or time-consuming.

Roof Replacement: Things to Take into Consideration


Underlayment for Added Protection

In this case, you may also want to consider an underlayment for added protection. An underlayment will provide additional padding between your new shingles and the deck, which will reduce the noise from rain, especially on cool nights.


Roofing contractors often recommend rebooting even when there’s only light damage to a single shingle. This is because replacing a single shingle usually causes a small amount of damage to the whole roof. Over time, if the weather is consistently wet, the accumulated water will cause more extensive damage, leading you to think of roof replacement all the time.

For small defects, replacing the old shingles with new ones can be a great way to repair your roof. Some roofing companies have newer technology that makes it possible to install the shingles with the help of a special adhesive.

Roof Replacement: Things to Take into Consideration

Choose a Reputable Roof Replacement Company

If you’re thinking about roof replacement because you think it’s the only way to fix a leaky roof, you are on the right track. Roofing companies can also help with roof repairs, whether they’re done to prevent further damage, repair the damage which is already present, or reverse a leaky roof.

If you want to save money when choosing a contractor, you might consider hiring one who offers both services. In addition to saving money on materials and labor, you may be able to avoid the high price of a roof repair. In many cases, a quick consultation can help you decide if a repair is suitable for your situation.

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