Woodworking Ideas for Living Room Cabinets

One of the most important pieces of living room furniture is cabinets. Living room cabinets come in different styles and layouts. The layout you choose should be according to the size and dimensions of your room.

If you have already chosen the layout for your living room, you can now consider the kind of cabinet you want or the type of cabinet you want to use. There are many types of display cabinets available on the market. To help you out in decision-making, here are some living room cabinet ideas that might help you make your decision. Let’s get started.

Woodworking Ideas for Living Room Cabinets

Showcase Cabinets

If you’re looking for modern living room cabinet designs, you might want to consider the showcase style. Showcase cabinets are like a work of art, and they serve their purpose without looking too busy about it.

They are usually made from wood with a minimalist design, and their only purpose is to house your valuable belongings. These are great for showcasing modern decorative items you want to show off. Because of its minimalist design, it doesn’t require too much space.

Built-In Cabinets

Another modern style of living room cabinets is called built-in cabinets. Built-in cabinets serve their purpose without looking like they’re an additional piece of furniture. A popular form of built-in storage cabinet is the chest of drawers. These are perfect for keeping your valuable items safe and organized. A chest of drawers is usually placed toward the back of your house, which allows them to blend right into the surroundings.

Built-in living room cabinets

You can also opt for built-in living room cabinets that are built out of wood. It’s a great way to personalize your home without spending too much. The disadvantage to this kind of living room furniture is that you may not be able to customize the drawers’ height, depth, or width as you can do when choosing built-in furniture.

Modern living room wall units

You can go for modern living room wall units. These are contemporary cabinets that offer a sleek modern design. They come in different materials such as metal, glass, and wood. They also serve as great alternatives for standard cabinetry because they have a more artistic feel.

Two design options

If you wish to design your living room built-ins, you have two options. The first is to purchase ready-made wall units from your local Home Depot and furniture store. The second is to make your DIY living room cabinet units. There are several do-it-yourself designs available over the internet.

Three categories of living room storages

If you choose to build your wall cabinets, you’ll need to select the best design. There are three main categories of living room storage: contemporary, modern, and country style. Contemporary cabinets are simple, sleek, and elegant. They’re great for a modern home, as it gives an illusion of space.

On the other hand, modern living room cabinets emphasize clean lines and minimalism. It usually comes with geometric shapes and straight lines. It’s best for houses that have chic yet straightforward interiors. On the other hand, country style is perfect if you wish to create a cozy, traditional atmosphere.

Woodworking Ideas for Living Room Cabinets

Cedar Material

Once you’ve chosen which style you like, you can select your materials. Cedar is a popular choice as it’s strong, resistant to insects, and resistant to rotting. Pine and oak are also excellent choices. The advantage of wooden cabinets is that they can be painted anytime.

DIY Project

However, if you don’t want to paint, you may opt to stain or even stain and paint the cabinets yourself. A DIY project is a cheaper alternative. Before you go DIY, you need to be extra careful as unfinished wood can easily cause scratches and damage. So before staining or painting, test the surface first to make sure the project won’t cause any damage.

You Can Find Cabinet Providers on the Internet

There are several online providers of wooden living room cabinet design ideas. You can have these for free. However, the price may differ from one provider to another. Spend some time to compare the products and services offered by each provider so you’ll be able to get the best value for your money.

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